Snap-tite Component Insulators



The Applicator

Snap-tite’s unique design makes accurate application of insulators quick and easy. The snap-on format eliminates the need for adhesives, yet insulators stay secure.

Because Snap-tite is so simple to load and operate, no training is required. Just insert the prepackaged cartridge and start applying the insulators.

Snap-tite is air operated, virtually maintenance free and offers rapid and accurate placement of insulators.


  • Flat or dimpled .014 Mylar for visual verification of solder distribution
  • Convenient, pre-packaged configuration
  • No adhesive required
  • For transistors, semiconductors, flat pack ICs, crystals, radial leaded capacitors, resistors, inductors and other microelectronic packages

Two Types

  • Flat Spacer: Offers excellent insulation properties
  • Dimpled Spacer: Spaces component off the circuit board for easier cleaning. Protects glass to metal seal integrity by absorbing strains induced by expanding and contracting circuit boards.

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