Contract Services

Contract Weld and Processing Services

  • Hermetic Projection Welding and Seam Welding Capability
  • Hermetic projection welding of packages with a vacuum inside or backfill special gases into the package
  • Spot Welding capability
  • ESD Compliant Handling
  • Vacuum/Bake Processes to help eliminate moisture and contaminates
  • Hermetic welding of product in atmosphere or inert gas glovebox environments
  • Special gases and gas mixes upon request such as Xenon, N2/O2, N2/He, Ar/He, SF6 etc.
  • Gross leak (bubble test) assemblies to MIL-SPEC 883, MIL-Standard 202, JDEC-JESD22-A109
  • Helium fine leak test assemblies to MIL-Spec 883, MIL-Standard 202, JDEC-JESD22-A109
  • De-Lidding of seam sealed assemblies to salvage electronics
  • Many years of experience with thousands of package styles.
  • Small or Large quantities
  • Quick turn-around


Our Products:

• Projection Welders
• Seam Sealers
• Spot/Gap Welders
• Lid Tackers
• Atmosphere Chambers
• Vacuum Bake-Out Ovens
• Accessory Items
• Hermetic Sealing Services