About Us

When Polaris started, there were very few companies selling projection welders or parallel seam sealers, and no one sold a complete hermetic sealing system. Almost fifty years ago, it took a lot of searching to find atmosphere chambers, ovens and the other necessary equipment to make the quality welds required for microelectronic packages.

Today, Polaris maintains the tradition of innovation, reliability and quality. And just as importantly, we keep our overhead reasonable, so we can offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Our Products:

• Projection Welders
• Seam Sealers
• Spot/Gap Welders
• Lid Tackers
• Atmosphere Chambers
• Vacuum Bake-Out Ovens
• Accessory Items
• Hermetic Sealing Services

Our dedication to service sets the industry standard. Our design capabilities are based on years of experience with real-world issues and requirements. Because we care so much about quality control and efficiency, we design and build every welder in our own plant.

Our welders feature user-friendly interfaces, modular design for easy maintenance and solid engineering for years of reliable service. We offer a wide range of welders to meet every production need from R&D to high throughput. We design a welder to meet the needs of companies sealing all types of microelectronic and optoelectronic packages. We also offer spot welders, gap welders and lid tackers.

From the executive office to the front office to the plant, every Polaris employee takes pride in their work and pride in the satisfaction they bring to Polaris’ customers.