Atmosphere Chambers

Polaris Atmosphere Chambers provide the ideal working environment for various manufacturing and testing processes. Gas inlet and outlet ports allow you to maintain the required atmosphere. View the entire manufacturing process through a wide, safety glass window with exterior lighting and rugged, accordion-type gloves.
Polaris supplies a charging system with automatic pressure control which maintains a 11/ 2″
water column positive pressure of nitrogen or other inert gasses. For maximum pressure relief, a check valve is preset at the factory at 11/2″ water column positive pressure. Gas flows into the chamber at up to 300 SCFH for
quick response to negative pressure. Polaris uses 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel construction for longer life and better moisture control.

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Removable end panels allow you to add atmosphere chambers and ovens as your requirements change.

Optional Features

  • Polaris Moisture Monitor with no-weld interlock
  • Oxygen Monitor
  • Gas Dryer
  • Trace gas mixing system
  • Interlock chambers
  • 110 VAC receptacle

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