Accu-Weld 4100 AC/4200 CD Vacuum Welder

The 4200 CD provides vacuum and special gas backfill capabilities with or without a dry box, making the 4200 the ideal head for R&D and special applications. After evacuation, simply fill with any inert gas to produce the required atmosphere.
Optimal Atmosphere Chamber w/Vacuum/Bake-Out Oven and Pass-through Interlock Chamber

Optimal Atmosphere Chamber w/Vacuum/Bake-Out Oven and Pass-through Interlock Chamber

Hermetically seals microelectronic and opto electronic packages:

  • DIP packages , TO, optical , semiconductor, crystal and custom packages
  • Seals to MIL SPEC 883
  • Adjustable head and trave l speed
  • Levels down to 10 milli torr at the seal point are easilachievable
  • Stand alone or enclosed in an atmosphere chamber
  • Pre-aligned/indexed electrodes for easy dressing and changing
  • Economical power supply provided for high through-put, flexibility and accuracy
  • Self diagnostics with error readout
  • Multiple seal cycle modes
  • Sealing Voltage up to 23 Volts DC, User Selectable
  • CE certified
  • Dimensions: Approximately 70″ Deep X 80″ Long X 50High
  • Weight: Approximately 2500 lbs.

4200 CD Vacuum Single-Station Sealer

  • Heat pulse amplitude fully controllable
  • Energy output independent of power fluctuations
  • Short, high intensity pulse reduces peripheral buildup of heat and concentrates energy in seal zone
  • Designed for delicate materials, larger package sizes and line voltage variations
  • May be configured with output ranges from 1,000 to 7,000 Joules
  • Transformers coordinated w ith power supply output levels for utmost efficiencys

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